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Tapes and Sleeves

Product Announcement from Firwin Corp.

Tapes and Sleeves-Image

Insulation & Safety Products' Materials

Firwin offers various specialized high temperature insulation products, such as Fiberglass Woven Tapes and Silicone coated "Pyrojacket" Sleeving, for those applications where blankets are not suitable.

Materials most commonly requested are:

Tapes & Sleeving

• Fiberglass Woven Tapes, including vermiculite coated tapes - in various thickness and width. Available from 1" to 6" width.

• Silica Woven Tapes - in various thickness and width. Available from 1" to 6" width.

• Fiberglass Sleeves in various widths.

• Silicone coated "Pyrojacket" Sleeving - tapes and other "Pyrojacket" products.

Hose Wraps and Sleeves.

• Other Materials

Boards and Sound Composite Panels

• Mineral Wool Boards in various densities and thicknesses with and without FSK facings.

• Fiberglass Insulation Blanketing

• Ceramic Insulation Blanketing

• High Temperature Materials

• Sound Panels of various kinds

Insulation Mats & Blankets

• 11 oz Fibreglass Mat 1" and 1/2" X 60" wide

• 8# Ceramic Fibre Blanket 1", 2" X 24" wide

High Temp Fabrics

• H.T Fibreglass coated fabrics as used for removable blankets

• Fibreglass fabrics as used for removable blankets/welding blankets.

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