Breaking Taps? Use the FlexArm Tap Arm!

Product Announcement from FlexArm/Tapping & Torque Arms

Breaking Taps? Use the FlexArm Tap Arm!-Image

Are you breaking taps? Need a low cost solution? FlexArm's Tapping Arms are versatile and designed to simplify a shop's tapping needs. The arm stays perpendicular anywhere it is moved on a table. Models ranging in ability to tap from 0-80 to 2" in steel provide the versatility a job shop needs to stay competitive and with the wide variety of working ranges there is almost nothing a FlexArm can't handle.

Improve operator utilization, reduce setup time, reduce material handling, and decrease expensie CNC cycles. The FlexArm is built with strength and durability and guaranteed to allow for years of repetitive usage. FlexArm offers a 30 day trial on all units. Tap into profit with FlexArm.