Torque Reaction Arm/Assembly Arm

Product Announcement from FlexArm/Tapping & Torque Arms

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FlexArm's Torque Reaction Arm provides added value as an articulating arm that supports assembly tools used in repetitive operations. Increase productivity and reduce operator fatigue by adapting assembly tools to the Assembly Arm. Maintain quality levels by accurately positioning the tool and reduce the chances of damaging or scrapping parts.

Ergonomically beneficial, the FlexArm absorbs the motor torque instead of the operator's arm and counterbalances the weight of the tool. The Torque Reaction Arm rotates a full 360 degrees and covers large work areas without expensive fixturing and excessive physical strain.

  • Counter Balance Tool Weight
  • Absorb Motor Torque in Torque Arm
  • Custom Tool Mounts: Mount Any Tool
  • Light Duty and Heavy Duty Arms up to 800 Ft/Lbs Available
  • 30 Day Free Trial