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Wireless Inspection Camera/Borescope+Free Receiver

Product Announcement from Flir Commercial Systems

Wireless Inspection Camera/Borescope+Free Receiver-Image

Extech's BR200 & BR250 Wireless Video Inspection Cameras (Borescopes) help users inspect hard-to-reach areas while capturing up to 2GB video and images. With a detachable, wireless display, 30'/10m range, video-out, and adjustable LED lighting for dark areas, it's invaluable for documenting findings and adding value to inspection services.

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BR200/BR250 Product Details

Extech's new BR200 and BR250 Wireless Video Inspection Cameras (Borescopes) not only helps users inspect hard-to-reach areas, but they can also capture and transfer video and images on a 2GB microSD card (included)! This capability, coupled with adjustable LED lighting for dark areas, is invaluable for documenting findings and adding value to inspection services. Popular inspection camera brands can't match this valuable feature at Extech's price point.

Extech takes it a step further, literally: the large 3.5" color display detaches from the handle so customers can inspect sites remotely using the palm-sized monitor from over 30 feet away. This wireless video convenience and video-out for external monitor use make the BR250 invaluable for increased safety or just improved ease-of-viewing in limited access areas.

The BR200 features a 17mm diameter camera. For less invasive, tighter-tolerance applications, the BR250 features a smaller, 9mm diameter camera.

Typical Users: Anyone responsible for inspecting hard-to-access areas such as ductwork, utility boxes, conduit, drains and piping, engine bays, as well as inside walls and ceilings.

Here are what actual BR200 and BR250 users are doing with their Extech inspection cameras:

  • Checking side walls and furnace heat exchangers
  • For automotive applications, the video capture and the still photos will make diagnosis and inspections a snap
  • Inspection of structural wood members by drilling small holes, inserting boroscope to determine extent of rot, growth of mold, fungus infection and any other deterioration of wood fibers.
  • HVAC, Fire Control, Safety
  • Materials inspections
  • Packaging machinery inspection
  • Video inspection of mechanical, electrical, and structural applications
  • Water damage scoping
  • Cylinder bore inspection
  • Coolant oil inspection
  • and more!




Extech Instruments announces its new BR200 and BR250 video borescopes, ideal for hard to reach spaces in a variety of markets. The BR200/BR250 comes standard with a detachable, wireless 3.5" color TFT LCD display.

The BR200 and BR250 video borescopes feature captured video with a date/time stamp that can be played back on the wireless monitor, or any monitor with a video input jack. Furthermore, video and images can be transferred to the user's PC via the microSD card (with included SD adaptor), or USB cable (included) using Windows® Multimedia Player. The detachable, wireless 3.5" color TFT LCD display can be viewed from a remote location up to 32ft. from the measurement point. The BR200 also includes NTSC or PAL operation with menus in ten languages: English, Chinese, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Dutch, Italian and Japanese.

The video borescopes come standard with a mini water-proof (IP67) camera for high resolution viewing, and features two bright LED lamps with a dimmer to illuminate the object being viewed, as well as a glare-free, close-up field of view, and a flexible 39" (1m) gooseneck to retain the product's configured shape.

The BR200/BR250 video borescope is ideal for a variety of markets, including: Home Inspection (inspection of walls for mold, insect infestation, electrical wire or water pipe locator), HVAC (inspection inside ducts, and behind motors and compressors), Automotive (ability to view inside our around engines and transmissions), Government ( for safety and securirty inspections), Industrial (inspection of weld integrity, process equipment gears and molding machines, and Aerospace (aircraft inspections for air contamination, debris, cracks and other damage).

Multimedia & Videos:

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Video Borescope/Wireless Inspection Camera

17mm camera diameter (BR200)/ 9mm camera diameter (BR250)
and 3.5" Color TFT LCD Wireless Monitor


  • Memory card for capturing images (JPEG) or video (AVI) for viewing on your PC
  • Detachable wireless 3.5" color TFT LCD display can be viewed from a remote location up to 32ft (10m) from the measurement point
  • 39" (1m) flexible gooseneck with waterproof camera (17mm diameter) and 2 built-in bright LED lights for illuminating dark areas
  • Captured videos and images can be viewed on the wireless monitor or transferred to your PC via the microSD card or USB cable
  • NTSC or PAL operation with menus in 10 languages
  • Ideal applications: water restoration, HVAC and refrigeration, electrical inspection, automotive, pest control
  • Complete with 4 AA batteries, microSD memory card, SD adaptor, USB cable, extension tools, video cable, AC adaptor, magnetic base stand and storage case

Did You Know?

The Extech BRD10 USB receiver allows you to view and record video from your borescope right on your laptop or PC. Plus, your borescope can transmit live inspection video over the web using popular services such as Skype, WebEx, and UStream.

Use this accessory to share real-time inspections with:

  • clients
  • supervisors
  • prospects
  • trainees, or
  • students

who are located at remote sites. Using the BRD10 with any major online calling or broadcasting service, the Extech BR200 or BR250 can be used for

  • remote inspections
  • live web-based training
  • product or service webinars
  • and more.

The BRD10 transforms Extech video borescope inspection cameras into powerful communications tools. PC video recording and web connectivity are ideal for inspections and training in

  • multi-site manufacturing plants
  • virtual technical training
  • internal and 3rd party continuing education programs
  • HVAC and refrigeration
  • electrical
  • automotive
  • pest control,
  • and more.

The compact USB receiver is about the size of a USB memory stick and comes with Windows® XP, Vista and 7-compatible software.

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