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Accurate Measurements Of Bi-Directional Flow

Product Announcement from Flow Technology, Inc.

Accurate Measurements Of Bi-Directional Flow-Image

Turbine meter system provides accurate measurements of bi-directional flow in a wide range of liquid applications.

FT-BD system performs temperature compensation for liquid viscosity changes

Flow Technology, Inc. (FTI), a leading manufacturer of precision flow measurement instruments, systems and calibrators, today announced the FT-BD turbine flow meter system. An accurate solution for measuring bi-directional flow in a wide range of liquid applications, this advanced system can also compensate for viscosity changes due to variations in ambient fluid operating temperature, which affect the accuracy of flow measurement data.

In various industrial and test & measurement processes, bi-directional flow presents difficult challenges for flow metering equipment. For example, utility pumping and circulating plants pump dielectric fluid into underground electrical cables in order to dissipate heat generated by high-voltage power lines. This application involves monitoring upstream and downstream flow rates. It also requires a precise method of viscosity compensation as the dielectric temperature changes.

Employing Flow Technology's FT Series turbine flowmeter paired with the LinearLink™ Temperature Compensated Interface (TCI), the FT-BD system provides bi-directional flow measurements in a host of hydraulic, pneumatic and pumping applications. The FT Series meter is an ideal choice when high accuracy, compact size and fast response are critical. The LinearLink TCI is a sophisticated electronics platform for flow meter linearization, viscosity correction and density compensation.

With the FT-BD system, an FT Series turbine flow meter with a bi-directional Universal Viscosity Curve (UVC) calibration employs dual RF/RTD pickoffs for determining flow direction and sensing temperature. The LinearLink TCI's innovative, temperature-compensated linearization technique reduces viscosity effects on K-factors by calculating fluid viscosity through real-time temperature measurements and proper calibration methods.

For more information about the FT-BD system, please contact us:

Flow Technology, Inc.
8930 S. Beck Avenue, Suite 107
Tempe, AZ 85284

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