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Energy Efficient Flowrox Peristaltic Pumps

Product Announcement from Flowrox Inc.

Energy Efficient Flowrox Peristaltic Pumps-Image

The LPP pump series of Flowrox Oy incorporates a unique operation principle, which brings along several environmental benefits, such as low energy consumption, long lasting hoses and low waste generation. These environmental benefits also bring considerable cost savings during the life-cycle of the pump.

The most significant advantage in LPP pumps is their energy efficiency. Thanks to the rolling hose contact, no excess friction and thus, no lost heat is generated resulting in lower energy consumption. The LPP pump is also able to produce the same flow as conventional hose pumps but with a smaller motor selection. This feature exists because in typical operation conditions the temperature in LPP pumps normally does not rise over 40 degrees and the pump can therefore be used with continuous rates. Due to the generated friction, conventional hose pumps get easily overheated and can therefore be used only intermittently.

In LPP pumps hose compression takes place only once during 360 operating cycle as conventional hose pumps compress the hose two times. This design practically doubles the lifetime of the LPP hose. The rolling design further enhances the hose lifetime as the hose contact is gentle and less wear and friction occur resulting in longer hose life.

Hose pumps use lubricant to overcome generated friction and as LPP pumps cause only a little friction, their lubricant need is considerably lower than with other hose pumps. The difference in lubricant need is very influential as LPP pumps often need less than one fifth of the lubricant needed by conventional hose pumps. This kind of difference significantly reduces the amount of waste generated during the life-cycle of the pump. Waste generation is also affected by the amount of hoses needed over time. As the hoses of LPP pumps last longer, less hose material gets to waste and less material is used to manufacture the hose.

The LPP pumps are also easy to maintain and the maintaining process does not cause much environmental load, require any special tools nor take too much time.

The same features that make the LPP pump less harmful for the environment also reduce the life-cycle costs of the pump. Energy efficiency, low lubrication need, long hose lifetime and easy maintenance all bring cost savings for the customer making the total cost of ownership lower than with competing pumps.

Flowrox Group has more than 90 employees and the number is growing. Headquartered in Lappeenranta, Finland, Flowrox Group has subsidiaries in Linthicum, Maryland (USA), Sydney (Australia) as well as in Kouvola (Finland). As more than 90% of the company's net sales come from global exports, the reliable and fast customer service is guaranteed by an international sales and service network, covering over 55 countries.

To learn more about Flowrox and its expanded product offerings and brands, visit www.flowrox.com.