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Service agreements

Flowrox's task is to help its customers to run their businesses as efficiently as possible. To be able to meet the individual customer needs, Flowrox has developed a service agreement in which Flowrox will take care of the customer's PC pumps on a 24/7 basis offering the customer 24h service, multi brand spare parts management, storing, maintenance and repairs in addition to full- or part rebuilds and overhauls.

With this service agreement, the customer receives benefits such as:

  • Agreed service level
  • Good cost/value ratio over the pump's lifetime
  • Effective pumping processes thanks to reduced downtime
  • Accurate and transparent cost management
  • One stop pump care, leading to less use of customer resources

Multi brand spare part services

Flowrox multi brand spare parts are a smart selection, as they enable the customer to obtain the full potential of their PC pumps' performance. Flowrox is specialized in providing its customers with a wide range of single parts, spare part sets and multi brand spare part's management according to end-use application. The spare parts are manufactured according to highest quality standards.

Flowrox spare part selection includes: Rotors, Stators, Drive shafts, Coupling rods and Coupling parts.

Flowrox offers a wide range of spare parts for the most common PC pump brands. Standard spare parts are in stock in addition to which we have our own production and certified partner network. The availability of spare parts results in short lead times and minimal downtime eliminating the need for the customer to hold their own stock. We strive to offer the best value for customer's money over the entire life-cycle of the PC pump.

The advantages of multi brand spare part services are:

  • Fast delivery
  • Various material choices according to end-use applications
  • Increased productivity
  • Decreased costs due to lower customer inventory
  • Reduced time spent on sourcing - more time for your business
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