Product Announcement from Fluid Components Intl. (FCI)

Thermal Mass Flow Meter for Power Generation-Image

Fluid Components' new case study, "Thermal Mass Flow Meter Supports Feeback Control Loop in Boiler System for Thermal Electric Power Generation," discusses how China's Guohua Ninghai Power Plant uses the Model MT86 Series Multi-Point Thermal Mass flow meter for boiler efficiency, ensuring safe operation of the boiler and reducing plant operation energy costs.

These precision air flow meters are installed around the world in numerous electric power generation plants because of their accurate, stable and reliable measurement over wide temperatures and variable pressures. 

The FCI Model MT86 Series Multi-Point Thermal Mass flow meter is designed with up to 8 independent thermal mass flow sensor arrays placed in variable length assembly.  The MT Series is ideal for applications in thermal and nuclear electric power generation and other heavy process or manufacturing industries.  It provides excellent flow measurement inside the large line sizes found in combustion air systems, HVAC units, large ducts, flue stacks and wherever unstable process conditions make other flow meter technologies ineffective.

Click here to view the entire case study.

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