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If your large corrosive fluid system can be made more efficient by the removal of particles, but filtration is not reasonable, please call Fluidtrol to begin a feasibility assessment. We can design and manufacture a cost effective solution. Our proprietary method for utilizing high performance glass- ceramic matrix composites products allows for dramatic variance in size, configuration and other criteria. This produces a very hard surface that is corrosion and abrasion resistant making it an excellent choice for sea water applications. The strainer on the left was designed for a vertical application. However, only slight modifications are required for a horizontal installation. Other design features facilitate arrangements where multiple strainers are in service, with backup units ready for service, to support continuos operation.

Fluidtrol offers the widest selection of non-metallic basket and wye strainers
available. Fabricated FRP in a variety of techniques as well as thermoplastic-lined FRP Housings are available. Dual laminate housings utilize the corrosion resistance of plastics such as PVC, CPVC, PP and PVDF along with the structural strength of fiberglass. Strainer elements/baskets are available in a wide range of thermoplastic and alloys in different mesh sizes. Worldwide process streams have utilized Fluidtrol's innovative products for 20 years.

Fluidtrol's basket strainer housings are usedextensively for sea water applications including Desalinization and Sea Water HVAC.


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