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High Temperature Polyimide Composites

Product Announcement from Franklin Fibre-Lamitex Corporation

High Temperature Polyimide Composites-Image

Composite Polyimide glass materials available in sheet, rod and tube up to 48"diameter have been used in many applications where traditional industrial composite laminates have failed or broken down due to extreme heat and wear. Properties are maintained during continuous use temperatures of 500 F (260 C). Component designs are machined from tube and sheet. We have successfully substituted and tested polyimide glass materials in applications where the traditional material has been designed out, or is just no longer available. Applications include welding gun, automatic steel tube welding equipment, base mounts for transformers for the wind mill generators, rail car accelerators and braking systems and aircraft light bezels. When is comes to designing applications for the extreme conditions, we recommend polyimide glass material as one of the best composites available.