Polypropylene Tubing

Product Announcement from Freelin-Wade Company

Polypropylene Tubing-Image

One of Freelin-Wade's most popular tubes is our Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) plastic tubing. It is economical and versatile. It does have some shortcomings though. Our customers wish it would handle heat better and that it was more durable. It is for these reasons that we developed our new polypropylene tubing.

Polypropylene Tubing Advantages

Freelin-Wade's new Polypropylene (PP) flexible plastic tubing defies stains, holds out moisture, and resists stress cracking -- even in the harshest environments. It's even more flexible than LDPE. Our stock color is bright white but we can match virtually any color as a variation. When colored, the polypropylene tubing holds its color extremely well in all kinds of environments. This includes under UV light sources such as bright sunshine. You will be able to use our new Polypropylene tubing in places where you never thought a low cost plastic tube could be used.

Our Polypropylene plastic tubing is both extremely strong and incredibly lightweight. The tubing is available coiled, cut to length and in your requested packaging. Of course, just like all of Freelin-Wade's plastic tubes, you know it will fit and arrive on time.