Static Dissipative Polyurethane Tubing

Product Announcement from Freelin-Wade Company

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Reduce the chances for rapid electical discharge and sparking with Freelin-Wade’s Static Dissipative tubing. It can be coiled and bonded for specialty applications.

Our Static Dissipative tubing is made from a proprietary formula that allows for the static charge to be released very slowly, so as not to cause a spark (which is caused by quick or sudden flow of current through air).

Usually you would have to add in fillers (metallic or carbon black) in order to make a normally non-conductive plastic conductive. Adding those fillers would make the tubing less flexible, increases creep, lowers memory and less abrasion resistant. Our special compound does not require the material to become conductive, allowing our polyurethane to maintain most of its original properties/benefits.

It's non-corrosive and ideal for use in high-tech applications. It's available in 85A and 90A durometers, in metric and standard sizes.

Static Dissipative ESD Tubing Features:

  • Dissipates electrostatic charges with no chemical additives.
  • Contains no conductive fillers and no particle emission.
  • Dissipative values are permanent and cannot be washed away.
  • Non-contaminating and non-outgassing.
  • Ideal for low humidity environments.
  • Non-corrosive to electronic leads and components.

Freelin-Wade Static Dissipative 90A tubing PDF

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Freelin-Wade was started in 1980 behind the vision of our founder Fred Plews to, "Find a need and fill it." Fred's long career building dental equipment led him to design a special polyurethane tube for that industry. His high-performing tube became the foundation for Freelin-Wade.

We quickly learned that polyurethane not only works great in dental equipment but has applications across virtually all industries. In the decades that have followed, we've been expanding our product line to include more than 4,000 stock items. In addition, we have increased our custom capabilities so we can do an infinite range of variations.

The company that started in Fred's garage now employs more than 100 people in a large manufacturing center in McMinnville, Oregon. We are located among the rolling hills of the Willamette Valley in the middle of the region's famous pinot noir vineyards. We continue to hold to Fred's vision, filling our customer's needs with our large inventory of plastic tubing, flexible hoses and rapid turn around of variations.

Freelin-Wade was acquired in 1990 by Coilhose Pneumatics, of East Brunswick, New Jersey. Many of our more popular items can also be found in their catalog.