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The best vector control of any general purpose inverter in it's class, the RoHS compliant, small footprint, multi-purpose MEGA VFD is ideal for most industrial drive applications. Also it excels in very accurate position control. Fuji Electric has further evolved their original torque vector control by equipping the inverter with motor constant tuning to compensate for a voltage error of the main circuit devices and the magnetic flux observer of a new system.

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Since no software is required, to start up the MEGA VFD (a feature that has been well received by production managers and floor operators) it is not only intuitive and easy to use, but it is also faster than any other inverter on the market today.

When you want to use your PC, the inverter keypad can be directly connected to the computer through a commercial USB cable (Mini B) without using a converter and the computer can also be connected over Ethernet IP/TCP for convenient access on the shop floor or from a remote office across the world.

FUJI's PC loader software supports the following functions:

  • A variety of data about the inverter body can be saved in the keypad memory, allowing you to check the information in any place at any time
  • Periodical collection of life information can be carried out efficiently.
  • The real-time tracing function permits the operator to check the equipment
  • Maintenance information
  • Multi-setup configurations can be saved/uploaded with a mouse click.

Other Major Benefits Include:

  • Robust design due to MEGA using FUJI's own IGBT technology
  • The MEGA VFD with industry-leading MTBF
  • Overload 200% - 3 sec; 150% - 1 min
  • The MEGA VFD is backed by Fuji's three year warranty

And in case you didn't the past, Fuji Drives sold under TB Woods, General Electric and Saftronic, but is now selling direct with over 11 million VFDs produced globally.

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