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EverGuard® Extreme™ Thermal Protection TPO

Product Announcement from GAF

EverGuard® Extreme™ Thermal Protection TPO-Image

EverGuard® Extreme™ TPO was engineered with solar installations in mind.

Building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) systems are typically mounted directly to a low slope roofing membrane.

Temperatures are as high as 190?F in close proximity to solar panels mounted directly to white roofing membrane. Standard TPO formulations can fail in extreme accelerated heat aging studies in as little as 40 days. Without enhanced UV and heat protection packages, membranes will be subject to premature failures.

Removing BIPV and repairing failed roofing membrane is expensive. Installed pricing for BIPV ranges from $4.00-6.50 per watt. These arrays are typically expected to have a useful life of 20-25 years. GAF scientists were the first to use the new Atlas Ultra Accelerated Weathering Test Unit. This unit collects and concentrates sunlight producing the equivalent of 40 years exposure in only 12 months. EverGuard Extreme TPO membranes survived 13 months under these conditions without signs of failure.

The Problem

High heat and solar loading can cause premature failure in single-ply roofing.

Thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) single-ply roofing membranes have an excellent history in commercial roofing. Single-ply roofing membranes are constructed using organic polymers. Like all organic materials they are subject to damage by extreme heat, sunlight and UV. The increasing use of building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) has highlighted the challenges faced by roofing membranes exposed to concentrated heat, sunlight and UV.

Solar panels are dark in color by nature. Dark BIPV panels can create areas of high temperatures up to 190°F on roof surfaces immediately adjacent to them. Highly reflective architectural structures such as mirrored glass can act as solar magnifiers and concentrate sunlight onto adjacent roof surfaces. This concentrated sunlight can be far more intense than ambient sunlight leading to higher heat and UV loading than would be anticipated under normal circumstances leading to premature failure.

The Solution

EverGuard® Extreme TPO is formulated for the most severe applications!

GAF scientists have created a new grade of TPO single-ply membrane that is built to handle the extreme demands that new roof top applications can place on roofing membranes. EverGuard Extreme TPO uses proprietary stabilizers and UV absorbers to achieve weathering performance far beyond current standards.


It carries the BEST guarantee in the industry!

Not eligible for Well Roof Advantage Guarantee extension. See guarantee for complete coverage and restrictions.

The Proof

We tested EverGuard® Extreme TPO under the most severe conditions- and it far exceeded standard TPO membranes.

EverGuard Extreme and other commercial TPO membranes were subjected to accelerated weathering and aging tests. Heat-aging studies were conducted at 280°F-a temperature beyond the most rigorous proposed ASTM tests.

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