Boron Analyzer

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A true "plug-and-play" instrument, the boron analyzer can be installed in less than an hour, requires no skilled or trained operator, and provides the sensitivity and accuracy of ICP-MS or on-line Ion Chromatography. A built-in multiplexor even allows for monitoring of up to four sample streams with customizable settings for each stream.

Where is the Sievers UPW Boron Analyzer being used?

  • At the outlet of primary mixed-resin beds. Boron is released from these beds prior to silica (see Boron-related technical papers), and continuous monitoring of bed effluent provides operators with the earliest indication of changing bed conditions and bed exhaustion.
  • At the outlet of polishing resins. The earliest indicator of polishing resin exhaustion, and a potential contaminant in wafer processing, real-time boron data from the polishing bed effluent is critical to today's advanced fabrication facilities.
  • At the outlet of Electrodeionization units. A well-run EDI balances power consumption against contaminant removal. Boron is weakly ionic, and is a critical indicator of EDI performance (see two technical papers by Steve Chen).
  • Regeneration processes. An expected source of boron in any UPW system is regenerated resins. Boron specifications for regenerated resins help ensure the lowest possible boron loading of UPW systems, thus minimizing future regenerations and polish resin contaminant loading.

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