Product Announcement from GE ENERGY Air Filtration

Visolite® Leak Detection System - from GE-Image

Locate Leaks Quickly for Lower Maintenance Costs!

The patented Visolite® Leak Detection System from GE was developed to reduce the time plant personnel spent identifying tears, holes, and bad seals in bags. These inspection procedures involved extensive exposure of maintenance personnel to high dust environments.

To replace trying to find leaks with the naked eye alone, Visolite, a lightweight fluorescent powder, is injected into the baghouse. The powder follows the path of least resistance, accumulating around the source of leakage. A monochromatic light is then used to pinpoint the exact location of air leakage and indicate its severity.

Some of the benefits of using Visolite include:

  • Decreased downtime
  • Simple test to perform
  • Proven product

Learn more about the benefits of Visolite and how it can help you lower maintenance costs.

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