Custom Electro Mechanical Clutches

Product Announcement from GEEPLUS Inc.

Geeplus offers a range of small electromechanical clutches (that can be customized to your specific requirements) with torque rating up to 8.5Nm (75lb-in). These are based on the wrap-spring principle giving high torque density. Clutches offer much higher torque density than motors of comparable size, and are ideally suited to provide high acceleration in systems where different items need to start / stop quickly synchronised to a primary drive. Devices with mechanically controlled engagement, torque control devices, and custom devices with torque rating up to >200Nm have been developed for customer applications.


On 8th April 2004 the Electromechanical business of Densitron Technologies PLC (Densitron) was acquired by Geeplus Holdings Ltd (Geeplus). The acquisition affects business for all solenoid, motor, fan, clutch and voice coil motor products.

Today our line has become the industry standard and our expertise is second to none.