Product Announcement from GEEPLUS Inc.


Gee Plus Inc., located in Elgin, South Carolina, has developed two new bi-stable rotary solenoid models, the BRS 3831-10 and the BRS 5035-8. These two Gee Plus bi-stable rotary solenoids achieve the fastest cycle times when moving in either CW or CCW direction without the need for a return spring. These bi-stable rotary solenoids typically operate from one stable position to another in a 2 state rotary switch motion.

The smaller Gee Plus BRS 3831-10 model with a 1.50" x 1.18" x 1.22" unit size moves a 4.4 ounce mass over a + 30 degree arc in either direction within 40 milliseconds at 24 vdc excitation. The larger Gee Plus BRS 5035-8 model (1.97" x 1.58" x 1.38") moves a 10 ounce mass over a smaller + 30 degree arc in either direction in 30 milliseconds at 24 vdc excitation. The smaller BRS 3831-10 bi-stable rotary solenoid consumes 6 watts while the larger BRS 5035-8 bi-stable rotary solenoid consumes 9 watts.

For further information, please contact Dick Driscoll at (803) 408-3009, Gee Plus Inc., 2400 Cedar Springs Road, Elgin, SC 29045.

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