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VM series of Voice Coils Motors

Product Announcement from GEEPLUS Inc.

The VM series of Voice Coils Motors addresses applications where excellent control characteristics for short stroke bidirectional linear actuation is required, e.g. in medical or optical equipment. Voice Coil Actuators can develop force in either direction by reversing polarity of excitation. Very important is the very low hysteresis, which is typically two orders of magnitude less than in proportional solenoids. This and the flat force characteristic exhibited by voice coil actuator lend this to applications requiring precise control of force and / or position such as control valves, or lens and mirror positioning systems. One big advantage e.g. over proportional solenoids is the extremely small hysteresis which make Voice Coil Actuators ideally suited for applications requiring well controllable bi-directional movement.

The VM series of Voice Coil Motors are designed as actuator components with incorporated shafts and sliding bearing as standard to ensure accurate guidance of the coil assembly within the magnet assembly; position senors are not included. In the most applications the coil is the moving part. Optionally the Voice Coil Actuators can be shipped without shaft and bearing and also completely customized versions in other sizes and even form factors are available (e.g. like short stroke U-shape ironless motors or rotary versions).

The most important characteristics of Voice Coil Actuators are:

  • proportional position control: variable position 1 to 100mm / up to 45°
  • high speed: vibration or marking
  • high efficiency: battery powered systems, back-up systems, temperature sensitive media
  • controllability: linear or rotary movement with low noise or low shock at mechanical endstop
  • low hysteresis: control systems with high repeatability