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MD800 DC Mill Duty-Image

GE has been designing and building DC machines for over 100 years. We can offer new designs and re-rates up to 12,000 HP

Features & Benefits

  • This low base speed, high torque motor is used in high performance, automatic control systems that require a fast transient response. These motors are ideal for use in steel plants, excavating equipment, shipyard cranes, coal and ore dock cranes. They operate well in constant potential or adjustable voltage drive systems with either rectified power supplies or motor-generator sets. MD800 motors meet standards established by the Association of Iron and Steel Technology (AIST).
  • Key Features
    • Heavy-duty, double tapered shaft is removable and replaceable
    • Single width cylindrical roller bearings for high intermittent and impact thrust capacity
    • TIG welding of the armature coil leads to the commutator makes the motor highly resistant to overloads
  • Benefits
    • Fast dynamic response and smooth speed control due to optimal system inertia
    • Advanced Tape-Reinforced Encapsulated Construction (TREC®) coil technology is highly resistant to contamination, vibration, impact and wear
    • Specifically designed to accelerate, decelerate, or reverse under conditions of severe duty-cycle operation
    • Optimal Class H insulation protection


  • Steel mill
  • Cranes/Hoists
  • Bridges
  • Mining
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