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GGB Bearing Technology, formerly Glacier Garlock Bearings, has developed MegaLife® XT, a line of thrust bearings with a self-lubricating sliding layer on both sides of a composite core. The sliding layer consists of a proprietary, seamless tape liner of PTFE blended with high-strength fillers and bonded to a core of continuously woven fiberglass encapsulated in a high-temperature epoxy resin.

The dual sliding layers offer a number of advantages compared with single-sided, metal-backed thrust bearings. The latter require extra care during installation to ensure rotation occurs only against the self-lubricating side of the bearing. Improper installation allowing rotation can result in metal-to-metal contact, excessive noise, heat and premature wear. Dual-sided bearings are not subject to the same restraints since they can "float" in the assembly, and do not require mounting with pins, tabs or notches to prevent rotation. Unlike metal-backed bearings, composite bearings also resist permanent deformation from impact loading, and typically recover their original shape.

The MegaLife XT bearings are designed for applications requiring high load capacity, moderate surface speed capability, good friction and wear properties, and resistance to shock, misalignment, contamination and corrosion. In addition, the bearings are non-conductive to preclude galvanic reactions. They provide ultimate compressive strength of 205 MPa, and can withstand maximum static and dynamic loads of 140 MPa. Maximum sliding speed is 0.50 m/s, and maximum PV factor is 1.23 MPa x m/s. Operating temperature ranges from -195oC to +175 oC.

Typical applications include agricultural and construction equipment, aerial work platforms, suspension and steering linkage systems, truck liftgate systems, valves, hydraulic and air cylinders and material handling equipment. The bearings are also used in the lift-gate cable systems on delivery trucks, as well as hospital beds, pulley and gear spacers, king pins, cranes and backhoes. Although the bearings are designed for dry operation, they can also be used in the presence of water, oil and process fluids. They can even be used with grease.

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