DP4-B™ Dry Bearing Material

Product Announcement from GGB

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Dry bearings offer good wear, friction performance

GGB, formerly Glacier Garlock Bearings, now offers its DP4-B™ dry bearing material for good wear and friction performance over a wide range of speed, load and temperature conditions in a variety of applications. It also performs well with lubrication.

Potential applications include lifting, pneumatic, medical, agricultural, scientific and office equipment; hydraulic pumps and motors; textile machinery; and drying ovens. The new bearings are also suitable for use in weir chains, marine hoists, automotive wipers and other outdoor applications, as well as data transmission systems, food processing equipment, and packaging machinery.

DP4-B ™ features a metal-polymer composite sliding layer overlaid and impregnated into a bronze sinter layer, which in turn is bonded to an antimagnetic solid bronze backing for superior resistance to seawater and corrosion.

DP4-B™ is available in standard cylindrical bearings, flanged bearings and strip material, as well as custom thrust and flange washers and other non-standard parts. For more information, contact usa@ggbearings.com. Web site: www.ggbearings.com.

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