Product Announcement from General Magnaplate Corporation

Saves Moldmaking Time and Costs-Image

General Magnaplate's patented Custom Moldmaking Process Technology (CMPT) reduces time and costs associated with the creation of layup-molds used in fabricating large, contour-shaped composite materials. In as little as six weeks, open-mold tool-faces can be developed compared to the conventional six to 12 months.

The CMPT technology is a dense, multi-directional, metal weaving process that eliminates the need for machined layup-toolfaces from large, heavy metal ingots or castings that require a lot of time to make. This robotically controlled process produces up to 12-feet square, pure metal tools in the thickness from 3/8" to 2" made from any standard or hybrid alloy. The process combines accuracy, precision, and good surface qualities previously available only after machining. A CMPT tool can be used as received. The tool is close to 'net-net' compared to the master model.

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