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Surface-Enhancement Coatings Protect Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys Against Wear, Corrosion, Sticking and Galling

  • Dramatically increase surface hardness - between Rc 40 and Rc 65
  • Permanently self-lubricating for extended wear
  • Superior resistance to corrosion, chemicals, and acids and alkalines
  • Many meet FDA, USDA, NSF, and AgriCanada codes
  • Prevent abrasive wear and galling
  • Speed cleanup and sanitation maintenance
  • Provide superior mold release
  • No outgassing in the vacuum of space
  • Meet AMS 2469 and AMS 2482
  • Low COF eliminates sticking and product "hang up"
  • Excellent high dielectric strength; non-conductive insulator
  • Won't chip, peel, or flake off like "paint-ons"
  • Meets the End of Life Vehicle (ELV) initiative for the automotive industry
  • Temperature range from -360°F (-218°C) to as high as +800°F (+427°C)
  • Non-wetting
  • Excellent resistance to ultraviolet light and extreme heat
  • Wear resistance better than either case hardened steel or hard chrome plate
  • Thermally conductive
  • Excellent performance in extreme environments, such as extreme vibration or vacuum conditions

TUFRAM coatings exhibit much greater corrosion resistance than conventional hard anodizing. Some types show extremely high resistance to most common chemicals and salt spray. Tests show no effect after 168 hours immersion in Aqua Regia at 248°F (120°C). A TUFRAM-coated surface showed almost no corrosive activity after prolonged, continuous exposure to the atmosphere and salt water. In addition, TUFRAM enhancements on high strength aluminum exceed the AMS 2482 requirement of a minimum of 336 hours in salt spray. When maximum corrosion resistance on aluminum is required, MAGNAPLATE HCR®, which provides 40 times the required protection, is recommended.

In some cases, the static friction decreases with an increase in load. TUFRAM eliminates "stick-slip" and undesirable vibration of higher break-away friction. For more information, see General Magnaplate's Friction Data Guide.

With few exceptions, a consistently uniform coating can be applied to parts of any configuration or weight, and virtually any size or thickness. Precise control of thickness permits use on threaded members and similar close-tolerance applications. By under sizing outside pitch diameter by roughly twice the coating thickness prior to coating, original thread sizes are maintained. For machining allowances, note that overall final thickness of the coating is influenced by two factors:

  • Penetration
  • Surface Growth Thickness is customized for each application. Maximum thickness is limited by alloy composition. Minimum practical thickness is 0.0005".

About General Magnaplate:

As the world leader in surface-enhancement coatings, General Magnaplate solves wear, corrosion and lubrication problems throughout many industries including manufacturing, food processing, oil and gas, medical diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, semiconductors and many more. Please see the industries section of our site for more details on the typical applications we process on a daily basis.

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