Line Frequency Current Sensors

Product Announcement from General Magnetics Corporation

Line Frequency Current Sensors-Image

Current Sensors for low frequency applications.

This line of sensor is specifically intended for use in line frequency current monitoring.

  • US, 60Hz.
  • Europe, 50/60Hz.
  • Navy/Aircraft, 400Hz.
  • Electronics, from 50Hz. to 5-120kHz.

Current Transformer Types:

Depending on the core material used, these sensors fall under four categories.

  1. High Current Compact Series. ( S Series). This series offers the highest current monitoring capabilities in the smallest sizes.
  2. Low Current Low Voltage High Accuracy Series. ( R Series). This is the most economical series and offers outstanding sensitivity and response to currents as low as a few milliamps and are ideal for GFI and accurate low current monitoring.
  3. Wide Current Range Composites. ( C Series). Used when both hign current detection capability and sensitivity at lower current levels are required.
  4. Ultra-High Accuracy Nano Series. ( N Series). These use the latest state of the art nano cores and are the lowest loss highest accuracy CT's available today. Ideal for scientific, aerospace and military applications where accurate response down to a few microamps and down to -70 C is required.
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