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Column bearing blocks support structure loads

Product Announcement from General Plastics Manufacturing Co.

Column bearing blocks support structure loads-Image

Cold Storage Construction Column Bearing Blocks-Products R-9300

General Plastics R-9300 Thermal Isolation Blocks series are a high-density cellular polyurethane material. They are designed to support heavy structural loads while insulating a building interior from the external elements. They are commonly used as column bearing blocks for cold storage facilities.


The R-9300 Thermal Isolation block is a high-density rigid cellular polyurethane material designed to support heavy structural loads while insulating a building interior from the supporting ground. Cellular polyurethane is a naturul insulator and even at the high densities needed for support of roof-column loads, R-9300 will provide thermal insualation value superior to lightweight concrete, treated wood blocks, and other materials typically used in this application.

Typical applications of this material include use as a thermal isolation load-bearing block in concrete footings for roof-column supports in refrigerated warehouse structures. The high-density of this cellular polyurethane material gives it strength to support large compressive loads with little deflection. Each lot of R-9300 material is tested and certified for its compressive-strength.

Product Features:

  • Blocks are custom-cut, with pre-drilled anchor bolt holes
  • Will not rot or dissolve in sub-grade applications
  • Does not release any chemical compounds into surrounding soil
  • Cellular polyurethane is a natural insulator
  • Delivered as a fully-cured, ready to use material, there is no waiting before moving on to the next construction step, saving precious time
  • Short-circuits energy transfer to cooler/warmer earth at foundation
  • High compressive strength to support roof-column loads
  • Closed-cell material will not absorb liquid water
  • Will not support insects or vermin
  • Compatible with grouts, adhesives, concrete; Will not promote steel corrosion
  • Standard blocks are single-piece, with no adhesive joints
  • Blocks are custom-cut, with anchor-bolt holes pre-drilled, if desired
  • Standard R-9300 blocks are available in 30 (R-9330), 35 (R-9335), and 40 (R-9340) pound-per-cubic-foot densities
  • R-9330 blocks are certified to support compressive loads up to 1,000 psi at 2% deflection. R-9335 and R-9340 blocks will support higher loads at similar 2% deflection


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For more than 70 years, General Plastics has been a leading innovator in the plastics industry. We specialize in developing unique polyurethane, chemistry-based solutions, centered on our signature LAST-A-FOAM® rigid foam and board, and on our flexible foam. We support engineers and design teams in diverse industries with unrivaled formulations and high-quality materials for the most demanding product applications. Our customer service, engineering and CNC teams work closely with you from concept to completion. General Plastics is certified to ISO 9001:2008/AS9100C and meets such demanding quality systems as NQA-1, MIL-I-45208A and Boeing Company D6-82479.

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In addition to producing specialized LAST-A-FOAM® rigid and flexible polyurethane foam sheets, General Plastics Manufacturing Company also molds, fabricates and assembles parts and assemblies. We supply machined and fabricated items for a diverse range of demanding commercial, industrial, military and composite-manufacturing customers. We also have a variety of special processes available to customers. These services include custom foam-formulation for specific applications, and special testing and material-characterization services.




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