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Certified Test Facility-Image

Gicon Pumps & Equipment... Engineered Products Division provides certified testing of complete pumping units in our fully automated state of the art test laboratory. This testing facility is specifically designed by Gicon Pumps engineers to provide large submersible and turbine performance testing under real world pumping conditions.

True performances can be measured through the use of flow sleeves and well screens to simulate well conditions. Gicon Pumps provides certified live witness testing through special live web cameras strategically placed to capture every detail of the testing process.

Performance Testing Capacities

  • 10,000 GPM Max Flow Rate
  • 600 Horsepower Maximum
  • Testing pressure to 1,472 PSI/ 3400' TDH
  • Testing live well depth 80 by 36" diameter
  • 480, 2300, or 4160 test voltages available
  • Automated 21 point testing
  • Real time automated performance testing and report generation
  • Internet access witness testing
  • Custom adaptations available

Test Line Max Flow GPM Max Pressure PSI WC Ft H2O

3" 300 767 1,770

6" 2,700 1,472 3,400

12" 10,000 449 1,040

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