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G150Z Ultra Low Noise MEMS Single Axis Gyro-Image

The all new G150Z MEMS High Performance Single Axis Gyroscope offers both low noise and excellent bias with a small light weight form factor and low power. Designed for commercial stabilization and aircraft applications, the gyro has a bipolar “VSG compatible” signal outputting balanced 0V ± 5V.

Download G150Z Gyro Datasheet

Key Features:

Form, Fit & Function Interchangeable with G50Z & G100Z Gyros
Ultra Low Noise 0.0015°/sec/√ Hz 1σ
Short Term Bias ≤ 0.0008°/sec 1σ
Bias Over Tempearture ≤ 0.1°/sec 1σ
G-Sensitivity ≤0.01°/sec/g 2σ
Axis Alignment <4mrad 1σ
Low Power < 20 mA Typical
Bipolar "VSG" Compatible Signal
Light Weight < 28 grams
Low Voltage +5V
Bandwidth 200Hz
Voltage Output
Internal Temperature Sensor
Environmentally Sealed with MILSPEC Connector
Built-In-Test (BIT) Monitor
Shock Resistant 500g
Vibration Resistant 6g RMS
Export Classification: Commerce ECCN7A994

The signature features of the G150Z are 0.0015°/sec/√Hz noise, bandwidth of 200Hz, short term bias of 0.0008°/sec as well as impressive bias over temperature, low power, light weight, as well as excellent g-sensitivity and misalignment. The unit is highly durable and can withstand environmental vibration and shock typically associated with commercial aerospace requirements. The unit has no inherent wear-out modes for long life and the rate output is also free from bias steps. In addition,

The gyro is designed for automotive testing, commercial aircraft applications, platform and antenna stabilization and pointing, general aviation and laboratory use. The G150Z is ideal where very low noise, excellent bias over temperature performance, low power consumption, low g-sensitivity, light weight and rugged durability are desired for commercial environments and applications.

Thermal model available - consult factory.

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