SeaSpray High Salt ICP Nebulizer

Product Announcement from Glass Expansion

SeaSpray High Salt ICP Nebulizer-Image

The SeaSpray concentric nebulizer offers outstanding nebulization efficiency for trace level analyses. It offers freedom from clogging while nebulizing solutions to the limit of solubility of most mineral salts, and conferring significant sensitivity gains. Only Glass Expansion concentric nebulizers incorporate the robust VitriCone internal capillary, made of thick bore glass tubing machined to a precise aerodynamic shape. Other concentric glass nebulizers use instead a thin glass tubing that has been heated and drawn to form a capillary which may not be a consistent ID throughout and may vary from one to the next depending upon the skill level of the glassblower.

SeaSpray is part of the U-Series line of nebulizers in which the internal bore of the capillary is consistent from the sample line connection right to the tip of the nebulzer body. It incorporates our zero dead-volume UniFit sample connection which minimizes carryover and our EzyLok quick-connect gas fitting.