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The energy not directly absorbed by the small target products is reabsorbed by the quartz radiating face of the heater, helping to maintain operating temperature set points with less energy. For some applications requiring faster heater response, an open element design is available.

System Design Considerations

  • Horizontal, Vertical or Conveyorized
  • Solid Core, Slotted Keyhole, Split-Case or Open Element Heater Selections
  • 1.5" to 20" Diameter
  • Integrated Energy Sources
  • Flexible Access
  • Manual or Automated Retraction Equipment
  • Product Support/Exhaust Air Vestibules
  • Process Temperature Control

Wire, Cable & Fiber Optic System Applications

  • Heat FEP extrusion on wire
  • Sinter PTFE cable wrap on multi-conductor wire
  • Dry/Cure striping and nomenclature ink on insulated wire
  • Dry/Cure color coding inks on fiber optics
  • Preheating wire before extrusion
  • Dry graphite coatings on spark plug wire
  • Sinter fluoropolymer resins on high temperature wire
  • Dry lacquer on braided insulated wire
  • ...and many more.

Tubing & Extruded Product System Applications

  • Sinter extruded tubing
  • Cure extruded silicone tubing
  • Preheat tubing prior to convoluting
  • Preheat wire prior to fluoropolymer extrusion
  • Heat-shrink tubing
  • Dry/Sinter PTFE dispersion coatings on glass braided tubing for automotive fuel lines
  • Dry/Cure saturants (latex, acrylic, urethane) on fiberglass sleeving (dielectric sleeving)
  • Singe/Heat-clean fiberglass before coating
  • Fuse PVC coatings on fiberglass sleeving
  • Heat-shrink tubing on catheters
  • ...and many more

Other System Applications

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