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Bleach Compatible Bellows Pump™ (BCBP)-Image

Gorman-Rupp Industries' (GRI) Bleach Compatible Bellows Pumps (BCBP) offers another option to their line of already highly OEM customizable Mini Bellows Metering Pumps and Compact Bellows Metering Pumps. Based on GRI's time-proven bellows and valving technology, the BCBP offers the ability to pump bleach in low flow, low pressure metering applications. The BCBP is constructed entirely of plastic and provides an accurate, bleach-resistant metering pump with long life, at an economical price. 

OEM Applications:

  • Sanitization / Waste removal of laboratory and medical devices
  • Photographic
  • X-ray and dental film processors
  • Silver recovery
  • Scientific and analytical instruments

Bleach Compatible Compact Bellows Metering Pump Specifications:

  • Flow Rates — Range from 3.8 ml/min to 945 ml/min
  • Max Fluid Temperatures — To 140°F (60°C)
  • Max Discharge Pressure — 5 psi

Bleach Compatible Mini Bellows Metering Pump Specifications:

  • Average Repeatability — From stroke-to-stroke ± 0.75%
  • Flow Rates — Range to 270 ml/min, Tandem models range to 432 ml/min
  • Max Fluid Temperatures — To 140°F (60°C)
  • Max Discharge Pressure — To 5 psi

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