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Medium Voltage Indicator

Product Announcement from Grace Engineered Products, Inc.

Medium Voltage Indicator-Image

The VoltageVision® R-1VH / R1VL Medium Voltage Indicator increases safety for workers performing mechanical or electrical maintenance on medium voltage equipment by helping to ensure isolation of electrical energy. These indicators flash with enough illumination to allow safe viewing from outside the enclosure through an access window (IR window) on a medium voltage starter, transformer, switchgear and other power distribution equipment.

Built for long-life and reliability with solid-state LEDs and flame-rated material, the Medium Voltage Indicators are available in packages of 3 (one per phase) in two voltage cate gories. Capacitive coupling between the Medium Voltage Indicators and earth ground provide a means of completing the flashing circuit without a hardwired ground connection, which provides enough energy to flash the LEDs. Capacitive coupling also provide high surge immunity and electrical installation integrity. The amount of energy transferred to the Medium Voltage Indicator through capacitive coupling varies, and therefore determines its flash rate and intensity. The key factors include the line voltage, the distance between the adjoining phases, and the size and distance of the ground plane (enclosure or other). Because of this, the Medium Voltage Indicator with a flash rate optimized for applications on voltages between 2KV and 15KV are sold under the part number R-1VL. The Medium Voltage Indicator optimized for applications on voltages between 15KV and 43KV are sold under the part number R-1VH.