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Product Announcement from Grace Engineered Products, Inc.


Electrical safety demands that we know the answer to one question: Is there voltage? A wrong answer can have severe consequences. The VoltageVision® (R-3W / R-3W-SR) is a reliable tool that helps answer that question. Typically hardwired to the load side of the disconnect or circuit breaker, the Voltage Vision® (R-3W) flashes (R-3W-SR has solid-on LEDs) whenever hazardous voltage is present in any individual phase .

After disconnecting power to an enclosure, electricians can pre-verify voltage isolation while the enclosure door is safely closed. The risk ofarc flash is reduced because electricians know if there is power inside the enclosure before re-verifying isolation with a meter. The Voltage Vision® (R-3W) is unmatched in its reliability due to its dual redundant circuitry and no separate power supply. Vo ltage Vision® (R-3W) gets its power from the same voltage that it indicates! Ask this question: Can you live without it?


  • Redundant Circuitry / Long Life LED' - either flashing or non-flashing
  • 40-750VAC / 30-1000VDC
  • Potted Construction with 6' Leads
  • Phase Insensitive
  • 30MM Pushbutton or Pilot Hole
  • High Surge Immunity
  • UL type 4X Listed


  • Circuit Breaker Disconnects - No Visible Blades
  • High Energy Panels (NFPA 70e Category III and IV)
  • Frequently Accessed Panels
  • Mechanical LOTO: Indicating Zero Energy
  • Panels with Multiple Power Sources
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