Product Announcement from Greenleaf Corporation

Silicon Nitride Grade for Cast Iron-Image

Greenleaf Corporation's ceramic insert grade GSN100 is an engineered blend of silicon nitride and proprietary toughening agents that redefine productivity in the machining of cast iron.

Grades such as Greenleaf's GSN100 work well in interrupted cutting and milling operations due to the high thermal shock resistance of silicon nitride. GSN100 is outstanding in the machining of gray, ductile, and nodular cast irons.

This ceramic insert grade can dramatically increase productivity in the automotive and commercial transportation industries. Just a few popular parts where GSN100 has proven outstanding results are brake drums, brake rotors, cylinder blocks and heads, machine beds, and all types of gear cases and housings for trucks, tractors and farm equipment.

"GSN100 delivers outstanding tool life at cutting speeds of up to 5000 SFM (1525 m/min) in single-point turning and grooving operations as well as milling," states David Rydbom, Greenleaf's Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "GSN100 is available in standard and special geometries, trigons, Rough Stuff® surface treatments and custom edge preparations for specific applications."

Tough metal-cutting jobs in the automotive industry demand the innovative solutions of Greenleaf cutting tools. Ask for a demonstration!

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