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Groschopp Releases i-series Planetary Gearboxes

Product Announcement from Groschopp, Inc.

Groschopp Releases i-series Planetary Gearboxes-Image

Available in 3 sizes and multiple gear ratios, Groschopp’s new i-series gearboxes are ideal for applications that have stringent space limitations yet require a high yield torque and increased efficiency.


  • Tight tolerances and long-life lubrication for quiet operation
  • High yield torque, ability to withstand increased torque loads
  • Increased efficiency
  • Small package size/compact design
  • Expands Groschopp’s current planetary ratio offerings
  • Maintenance free
  • Low backlash to minimize friction and gearbox wear

All of the stocked i-series gearboxes will be available in Groschopp’s Fast Track™ department ready to ship to you in 48 hours or less. Available with AC, PMDC and Brushless motors, the i-series gearbox has been pre-engineered with a custom design interface to mate with Groschopp motors. Made of cast aluminum, the integration has been extensively tested and proven in life, efficiency and yield to optimize combinations for ideal performance. When combined with a recommended motor the i-series gearboxes can sustain 70-90% efficiencies, creating a highly efficient gearmotor package.

The i-series planetary gearbox is offered with up to three stages of steel cut or optional plastic gears, suitable for both left and right hand rotation running, in continuous and intermittent duty operation. Compared with other gear designs, the compact planetary-style of construction delivers substantial power density (ie. high torque output in the smallest of spaces).

The i-series gearboxes featuring optional plastic gears, is intended for light-duty applications that require decreased noise and cost optimized performance. The plastic gearing can withstand operating temperatures from -15 to 65°C.

With up to 1,062 in-lbs rated torque, the i-series steel gearing can tackle more robust applications and withstand -30° – +140°C temperatures. Rated at a standard IP54 i-series gearboxes possess sealed, double ball output bearings and gaskets between each module to resist grease and dust ingress. Standard gearbox configurations feature DIN spec output geometry including: a pilot mounted face, internally threaded shaft and keyway with installed key.


  • Medical instruments, lifts and beds
  • Power Tools, wood chippers, welding equipment
  • Automotive – steering and driving assists, ramps
  • Conveyors
  • Door systems
  • Floor care equipment
  • Hose reels
  • Escalators/elevators

Like all Groschopp gearboxes the i-series can be customized to meet customer specifications.


  • Low noise design
  • Additional ratios
  • Specialty grease options (food grade, low-temp)
  • Shaft size and length modifications
  • Gearbox extension with shaft seal increases ingress protection rating to IP64
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