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MOTORTEC™ STPe Streamlines Motor Selection

Product Announcement from Groschopp, Inc.

MOTORTEC™ STPe Streamlines Motor Selection-Image

The STP update provides:

  • Entry of hours, days, weeks to estimate annual hours used.
  • A link to EIA (Energy Information Administration) is provided to determine electrical rates for US locations.
  • Energy costs are calculated at multiple efficiencies.
  • Printouts have been updated to reflect all the new information.

Groschopp's STP Calculator is a tool that simplifies fractional horsepower motor and gearmotor selection for engineers and product designers. Specifically designed for motor evaluation, STP helps users evaluate the critical relationship between input of electrical power and the output of mechanical power.

"Knowing how product efficiency affects annual operating costs, due to electrical consumption can impact your motor/gear motor selection," says Ron Didier, President of Groschopp.

The MOTORTEC™ STPe v1.6 program provides a fast, easy way to calculate speed, torque, or power. Conversions of the most commonly used units are selectable, automatically generated and can be printed out.

  • Calculate Annual Operating Costs
  • Calculate Speed, Torque and Power
  • Calculate Estimated Electrical Current and Losses for Optimum Motor Selection
  • Easily and Accurately Convert Units of Measurement
  • Customizable, Printed Report Function

It is also possible to set the precision and allow for comma separators using the "Precision" dialog box.

STPe v1.6 is a free downloadable tool available on Groschopp's website. This freeware program, with increased security, needs no registration and runs on any PC system with Windows 98 or later. The interactive screen updates information as you enter data, making "what-if" scenario testing easy.

About Groschopp, Inc.

Groschopp, Inc. was founded over 70 years ago and since its beginning, has been focused on providing the most progressive motion solutions technologies for OEMs and customized motor applications. We are proud to have earned a reputation for superior engineering craftsmanship and innovative, dependable, and cost-effective solutions in motors, gearmotors, reducers and integrated motion assemblies.

Groschopp's engineering expertise ranges from full OEM prototyping to highly technical MOTORTECperformance assessments. Our industry-leading design and configuration database literally puts over 7,000 standard products and 90,000 possible designs at your fingertips in a matter of minutes.

For more information about Groschopp, Inc., the STPe Desktop Calculator and all their other in-stock or custom offerings, visit - the online resource for the electric motor industry.

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