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High Thrust, High Speed AC Linear Induction Motor

Product Announcement from H2W Technologies

High Thrust, High Speed AC Linear Induction Motor-Image

H2W engineers have developed a new linear induction motor (LMG-03-325-SSE) that is capable of generating 1444 N at a 3% duty cycle. Operating at 400 VAC, 75 Hz, the synchronous velocity of this LIM is 675 in/sec [17 m/s]. This LIM was designed for high speed operation, however it can also be operated at stall (zero speed) in order to produce static thrust. This motor is encapsulated into a stainless steel enclosure using high temperature (400 F) potting compound which protects the components and seals it from moisture.

A LIM is a non-contacting, high speed, linear motor that operates on the same principal as a rotary, squirrel cage, induction motor. They are typically used in applications where accurate positioning is not required.

The 3-phase coil assembly can be directly connected to the AC line for single speed applications or to an adjustable frequency drive for variable speed control of the motor. The motors are reversible and can also be dynamically braked.

The laminated coil assembly is used in conjunction with a customer supplied aluminum and steel reaction plate to produce a force. A customer supplied bearing system is required to maintain the .060" - .125" [1.5 - 3.0 mm] air gap between the coil assembly and the reaction plate. The length of the reaction plate is typically equal to the coil assembly length plus the stroke.

Advantages: Only 2 Parts, Wide Speed Range, No Maintenance, Non-contact, Ease of Control and Installation

Applications: Conveying Systems, Cranes Drives, Baggage Handling, Personal Rapid Transport Systems, Theme Park Rides

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