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Multi-Headed Linear Motor Positioning Stage

Product Announcement from H2W Technologies

Multi-Headed Linear Motor Positioning Stage-Image

H2W Technologies introduces a multi-headed linear motor positioning stage which is ideal for applications that require independent control of multiple axis on a single plane. The stage is driven by independent brushless linear motors which are guided by precision recirculating linear ball bearing blocks on a single rail. All motors share the same magnet track and encoder scale. Each moving table has an independent 1 micron resolution linear encoder head for position feedback. This allows for multi-axis motion control. It is assembled on a single piece of aluminum extrusion. Optionally, H2W can supply the system with fully integrated electronics to operate the stage under synchronized multi-axis closed loop motion control.

- Multiple motors on single magnet track
- Multiple encoder heads reading a single encoder scale
- Single extrusion lengths up to 6.0 m long allowing for long strokes
- Multi-Axis of motion control
- Cable carrier for payload cables
- Custom strokes, forces, and feedback resolution configurations available

Single Motor Stage - SRS-032-05-013-01-EX
Dual Motor Stage - SRS-026-06-013-01-2EX
Triple Motor Stage- SRS-020-08-013-01-3EX

Please note that as long as the magnet track is long enough to allow for the required travel, there is no limit to how many independent brushless linear motors can share the same magnet track.

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