Lower Cost Moving Magnet Designs

Product Announcement from H2W Technologies

Typically an H2W Moving Magnet Actuator has precision bushings and shaft which cause the moving magnet design to be cost prohibitive. However not every customer requires a bushing with high tolerance precision, and thus H2W has the ability to modify the linear bearing systems of our voice coil designs to accommodate a lower cost bushing and shaft. The pictured actuator has a custom shaft and housing to accommodate a customer's specific cost, envelope, and shaft requirements.

Voice Coil Actuators are typically for applications requiring short strokes, however, H2W offers varying strokes from their stock actuators and can modify any of these models with a short lead time to accommodate many specification modifications. Additionally, typically voice coil actuators have been intended for low force applications, however H2W Technologies offers forces up to and exceeding 100 pounds of continuous force and 300 pounds of peak force at 10% Duty Cycle.

The moving magnet style actuator is provided with supplied internal bushings and a hardened steel shaft or hard anodized aluminum shaft. H2W currently stocks actuators up to 3 inches of stroke, and has built moving magnet actuators with a stroke as long as 5 inches, and up to 12 inches can be built upon request.

The NCM10-14-028-2BX is an example of one our lower cost moving magnet motor designs. 

For additional information, please visit www.h2wtech.com.