Tungsten High Density Alloys

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Tungsten High Density Alloys Kulite® Tungsten Materials

Tungsten’s remarkable robust physical properties combine excellent corrosion resistance with the highest melting point (3420 °C) of all refractory metals, lowest vapor pressure, and highest tensile strength at temperatures above 1650 ºC. Its mechanical properties are characterized by ductility and hardness. Its high density is equaled only by gold, platinum, and a few other rare and expensive metals.

Tungsten alloys are exceptional for applications where maximum concentrated weight is required in the smallest possible space. In addition, tungsten is an outstanding material for high-vacuum technology up to the highest temperatures. Where pure tungsten is quite brittle and difficult to machine, the addition of chemical elements such as nickel, copper, and iron, creates a family of tungsten alloys with extremely useful properties.

These alloys are economically fabricated by powder metallurgy techniques and are routinely machined by conventional methods. Tungsten alloy products can be delivered both as semi-finished products for further processing by the customer or as a finished product in accordance with drawing specifications. These lead-free products meet legal requirements and recommendations to protect the environment.

The H.C. Starck product program covers tungsten powder chemicals, compounds and alloys as well as tungsten fabricated products of highest quality.

Twice as heavy as steel and more than 50% heavier than lead, tungsten alloys have become an essential material for a wide variety of applications in aerospace, defense, medical, and oil and gas exploration.

Standard Alloys Products:

K1700, K1701, K1750, K1800, K1801, K1850

HPM1700, HPM1701, HPM1750, HPM1800, HPM1801, HPM1850

Refer to Product Data Sheets for Tungsten Heavy Metals:

PD-7100 Tungsten High Density Composites

Aerospace Applications:

H.C. Starck’s tungsten alloys help balance and stabilize the control surfaces of ailerons, elevators and rudder sections. Helicopter rotor blades require precise static and dynamic balancing. A large variety of instruments from gyro rotors to airborne antennae use H.C. Starck tungsten alloys for precision balancing to achieve optimum performance. These balance weights are produced in an extraordinary range of sizes and shapes.

Aerospace and Defense Products:

Aircraft balance/ballast weights, helicopter rotor/blade weights, instrumentation components, missile components, and engine flame sensors/shields, propulsion nozzles, ordnance

Medical Applications:

Tungsten’s hardness and high density make it ideal for the manufacture of heavy metal alloys that are critical in the field of X-ray generation and radiation shielding. Generally, the absorption of X-rays and gamma radiation is in direct proportion to the density of the shielding material. H.C. Starck’s tungsten alloys provide extremely efficient radiation shielding and protection.

The absorption of x-ray and gamma radiation is in direct proportion to the density of the shielding material. Tungsten High Density Composites are more than 1.5 times as effective as lead and provide extremely efficient protection, particularly where space is limited.

Medical Products:

X-ray anodes, collimator or “anti-scatter” plates, radiation shielding, radioactive source containers, and syringe covers for radioactive isotope injection and radiopaque markers

Oil & Gas Drilling Applications:

Tungsten is a metal with a wide range of uses, the largest of which is as tungsten carbide (W2C, WC) in cemented carbides. Cemented carbides (also called hardmetals) are wear-resistant materials used by the metalworking, mining, petroleum and construction industries.

Tungsten alloys are a forged material for boring bars and shafts with a highly insensitive surface due to higher hardness than the other materials, caused by solidification during the forging process.

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