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Thor™ 200, 450, & 600 Flightline Air Conditioners-Image

The HDT Nordic Thor Series represents the industry?s most advanced flightline air conditioners, providing customers with the unprecedented ability to maintain aircraft in extreme environmental conditions whether they be hot or cold.

Each unit, from the Thor 200 up to the Thor 600, provides a wide range of airflows and delivered air temperatures that are selectively controlled via operator setpoints on the main operator panel. In addition, their powerful diesel engines can operate on a wide variety of diesel, commercial aviation and military fuels, providing the flexibility to utilize what?s available in the field. And all are capable of operating in either return-air or single-pass configuration.

Additional product specs are as follows (Thor™ 600):

• Continuous ambient operating temperature range of -40°F to 140°F

• Selectable 200-650 pounds per minute (PPM) of delivered air at static pressures up to 40 inches water column

• Selectable delivered air temperatures of 34°F up to 180°F

• Operates in high temperature/high humidity conditions

• High altitude operation

• ASHRAE MERV13 filtration with standard size filter media and easy access

• Standard three twelve-inch diameter outlets (other configuration options available)

• User-friendly lighted operator control panel provides all of the required controls and displays during operation

• Ancillary heating for low temperature operation

• Heavy-duty pneumatic tires with hinged tow bar and lunette eye for maneuverability

• Surge brakes for ground towing with a manually operated parking brake

• Tiedowns, top lift points, and forklift slots for loading/unloading

• Air transportability certified for use with USAF military cargo aircraft

• On-board fuel tank with a 250 gallon capacity

• Weather resistant enclosure provides maximum protection from inclement weather

• Dimensions: 318 inches long, 100 inches wide, and 96 inches high

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