High Voltage Lightning Arrestor

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High Voltage Lightning Arrestor-Image

Metal oxide surge arrestors of this voltage range (3-138kV) are protective apparatus used for protecting AC transmission and transformation equipment against damage from atmospheric and switching over voltage. Compared with silicon carbide surge arrestors, metal oxide surge arrestors have superior protective characteristics, good reliability, high discharge capacity, and simple construction, thus assuring the best overall protection for transmission and transformation equipment.

Usually, the arrestor is connected between system and ground in parallel with protected equipment. At continuous operating voltage, metal oxide arrestors appear to be an extremely high resistance, with the resistive current through the arrestor in the order of microamperes. In appearance of a lightning strike or switching surge on the system, the residual voltage across the arrestor will be limited to a certain permissible value because of the excellent non-linearity of arrestors. The high surge energy of the line will be absorbed, thus the insulation of electrical equipment is protected.

The zinc oxide surge arrestor can be used in the following conditions: ambient temperature -40º C to +40º C; altitude above sea level up to 1000m; withstanding 8.0 earthquake intensity (horizontal acceleration 0.2g). Anti-vibration type, anti-pollution type and plateau type arrestors are available for special applications. Anti-vibration type arrestors are adaptable for use in 9.0 earthquake intensity. Anti-pollution type arrestors are usable in heavy pollution areas. Plateau type arrestors are for relative high altitude regions.

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