Modular Heat Sink Assembly

Product Announcement from HV Components/CKE

Modular Heat Sink Assembly-Image

The Modular Heat Sink Assembly from CKE provides a modern, economical, labor saving, replacement of diodes, SCR or IGBT modules for traditional ceramic capsule (hockey puc) or stud assemblies. Options include cooling fan, snubbers, fuses, and/or terminal blocks. A version of the assembly offers a form, fit and function replacement to legacy devices thus reducing downtime and increasing reliability. The AC Contactor version is rated to 1200V, 160A (185A air cooled). A 3 Phase Full Wave SCR Bridge version rated at 1200V, 105A (235A air cooled) is also available. Once the MHSA is installed actual electronic modules may be replaced without removing the heat sink assembly. Applications include Industrial and utility electrostatic air cleaning, motor starters and controllers, UPS, welding and plasma cutting, induction heating, battery chargers and transportation.

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