Orbisphere K1100 Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

Product Announcement from Hach

Loveland, Colo. - Feb. 4, 2010 - Hach Company announces the new Orbisphere K1100 Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen Sensor. As the first optical sensor to use luminescent measurement technology to measure low-level oxygen in Power plants, the Hach Orbisphere K1100 sensor is virtually maintenance free: requiring only one calibration and two minutes of maintenance per year.

Designed for minimal drift, the K1100 is the most stable oxygen sensor with the longest calibration interval in the industry. The K1100 requires only one calibration per year compared to traditional electrochemical (EC) sensors which display significant drift after only a few months and demand regular re-calibration and substantial operator time.

With no membranes to replace or electrolyte solution to replenish, the K1100 only needs two minutes of maintenance per year. Sensor accuracy is unaffected by process changes or low-flow events, eliminating unnecessary operator interventions. In addition, corrosive or hazardous chemicals are not required, making the maintenance task faster, easier and safer without reducing measurement precision.

"With just one calibration and two minutes of maintenance per year, Hach's K1100 will help Power plants measure low-level oxygen with high precision and the lowest possible intervention," Andres Meza, Hach Power Market Manager, explains. "It's truly a 'set it and forget it' product - which is so important in these plants where the maintenance staff is already stretched thin."

For more information about the Hach Orbisphere K1100 Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen Sensor visit www.hach.com/K1100.