Product Announcement from Hamamatsu Corporation USA

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Hamamatsu is a world leader in photonics technology and is constantly engaged in the research of light, photons and their applications. The Electron Tube Division (ETD) of Hamamatsu Photonics, through it's state-of the-art detectors and light sources, strives to support progress in most advanced photonics technologies involving low-light-level and ultra-high speed measurements. The Electron Tube Division has developed and produced a variety of light-related devices that are widely used in spectroscopy, semiconductors, biotechnology, scientific research and experiments and in medical applications such as blood analysis and diagnostic imaging. Some of the products made by ETD include photomultiplers, microchannel plates, image intensifiers, ion detectors, spatial light modulators, photoionizers for electrostatic control, ultraviolet curing systems, microfocus X-ray sources and ultraviolet light sources such as Xenon, Mercury Xenon, Xenon flash and Deuterium lamps. In addition to the wide range of standard products, custom devices are also designed and manufactured by Electron Tube Division.

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