Disposable Tips Pierce Tube and Microplate Septa

Product Announcement from Hamilton Co.

Disposable Tips Pierce Tube and Microplate Septa -Image

Hamilton supplies a complete range of superior quality disposable tips, specially designed for use on Hamilton automated pipetting platforms (STARline and NIMBUS). They are available in several different sizes for optimal pipetting performance across a wide range of volumes. They are packaged in traditional frames and/or the new stackable Nestable Tip Racks (NTRs). They come in both clear (non-conducting) and black (conducting) materials and are available with or without barrier filters. They are also offered as 'clean' or gamma-irradiated sterile. All tips are DNA/RNAse-free and manufactured in ISO 14644-1 Class 8 (100,000) clean rooms.

Quality assurance and reliable, continuity of supply are paramount. Hamilton tips are manufactured in-house and on-contract at various locations worldwide to highly defined, tight tolerances. Each tip is inspected by a computer visualization system for straightness, orifice concentricity and flash.

Each Hamilton disposable tip incorporates patented CO-RE (Compressed O-Ring Expansion) technology, featuring an o-ring channel/groove on the inside where the tip seats to the pipetting channel. This provides a tight seal, ensures straight alignment and allows for an aerosol-free tip ejection. The tight seal of the CO-RE design enables the pipettor's channel pressure sensors to monitor the pipetting process, allowing the system to auto-detect and respond accordingly to clogs, insufficient sample conditions or other phenomena that could impact performance. Pipetting data is recorded for process control and chain of custody compliance.

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