Guides for Roller and Round Link chains

Product Announcement from Hangzhou Chinabase Machinery Co., Ltd.

Guides for Roller and Round Link chains-Image

Guides for roller chains that comply with DIN 8187 and round link chains that comply with DIN 766 and DIN 764.  Our guides are range from : Steel C profiles , Chain guides for roller chains , Chain guides for round link chains , Belt guides. In addition, we also offer OEM products ¨C simply send us a drawing or sample/template and we'll provide you with a free quotation. We can supply a full-range of power transmission products, such as chains, sprockets and plate wheels, pulleys, gearboxes, motors, couplings, gears and racks. Our product range also covers locking assemblies (clamping elements/locking device), taper bushes, QD bushes, bolt-on hubs, torque limiters, shaft collars, motor bases and motor slides, chain detachers, chain guides, universal joint, rod ends and yokes. Our products are used in many different industry sector, like in automation engineering, drive engineering, conveyor technology, assembly and handling technology, packaging industries, the beverage, food and medical engineering, pharmaceutical production, and laboratory equipment.

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