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Energy Efficient Rotary Furnaces

Product Announcement from Harper International Corporation

Harper Rotary Furnaces offer significant advantages of throughput and energy efficiency over other forms of continuous, high temperature equipment. Harper International offers a number of rotary furnace improvements that maximize the utility of the process while meeting the critical needs of more difficult processes. Physical constructs within the tube can be used to improve mixing, enforce material residence time, or even moderate localized heating in exothermic processes. Tube design modifications can improve gas interchange during reaction to maximize process efficiency, or assist in heating or cooling.

Some materials are well served by simple tube designs. In other cases, reaction conditions or stringent time-at-temperature requirements may necessitate more advanced designs. At Harper, we don't shoehorn a standard line of products to fit our customers' needs. We use our building blocks to deliver first-of-a-kind solutions for every customer's unique needs.

Rotary Furnace systems are custom designed by Harper to ensure high degrees of temperature uniformity and gas-solid contact, resulting in a more homogenous product, reduced processing times and increased production rates. Typically utilized for applications such as calcination, reduction, controlled oxidation, carburization, solid-solid reaction, and purification, Harper brings its leading edge technology to ensure exceptional versatility, reliability and energy efficiency to support the customer's success.

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