40 amp Relay with 3mm Gap on Contacts

Product Announcement from Hasco Relays and Electronics International Corp.

40 amp Relay with 3mm Gap on Contacts -Image

With 33 years under Hasco's belt and being one of the few companies that specialize in only relays we can afford to put our resources into improving existing products.

The HAT series type relay has been around for over 15 years. We have taken this relay and been able to switch its current to 40 amps while others do 30 amps. This relay is UL/ CSA and TUV pending. It is ideal for motors, UPS and certain ballast loads. (NOTE: 50 amps switching in early 2009!)

The HAT-901 is PCB. The HAT-902 is PCB and Quick Connect while the HAT-903 is only quick connect. Relays are usually stocked sealed but can be covered if quantity calls for it.

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SPDT 30 to 40 Amp HAT 900 Series