Latching Relays - In Stock...Low Cost

Product Announcement from Hasco Relays and Electronics International Corp.

Latching Relays - In Stock...Low Cost -Image

Hasco Component's electromechanical relays range from less than an amp to 80 amps. Hasco's relays are UL and CSA with some TUV ratings. All relays have DC coils and many have an AC coil. They come sealed for wave soldering and washing thereby allowing the relays to be put on any assemble line. There are surface mount low current relays available as well.



Contact Material: silver cadmium oxide with copper base

Max. continuous rated voltage: 110% of nominal voltage.

Contact Resistance: 50 mOhms max. (Initial value)

Operating Temp: Class B: -200C to 85o C; Class F: -200C to 1050C

Insulation Resist: DC 500V 10 mOhms min

Dielectric Strength: AC 2000V between contact and coil, frame and contact, coil and frame one minute. AC 1500V between contact one minute

Operating Time: approx. 15 ms

Release Time: approx 10 ms

Electrical Life: 10 x 104 operating min. for 30A resistive Load (N.O.); 5 x 104 operating min. for 40A Resistive Load (N.O.)

Mechanical Life: 10 x 106 operation min.